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Fun Packaging collects quirky, eye-catching examples of the best
bottles, tins, boxes, and bags along with other inventive packaging
concepts. While many blue-chip brands rely on consistent marks and
reassuring blandness, there's a new ecosystem of companies and products
speaking an entirely different language with their packaging. Whether
sharp and refined, rude and crude, or cute and friendly, these products
jump off the shelves by portraying brand personalities. Notable entries
include a Greta Garbo inspired whiskey label, Food Finish, the world's
first food coloring in a spray can, high definition labels for fresh
fish and a cookbook made of pasta. Designers from around the world
include Neumeister Design, Studio Lost & Found, Studio mLlongo,
Bayley Design, Beetroot Design Group, The Creative Method, Bessermachen
Design Studio, Reynolds & Reyner, Mousegraphics, P&W Design
Consultants, lg2boutique, Lun Yau, Fresh Chicken, Andre Zaragoza,
Yevgeny Razumov and more.

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