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Skrevet af vandkunsten

Wood collects a number of essays and recent projects in wood by the renowned Danish architecture studio Vandkunsten Architects, who has shaped the contemporary use of wood in Nordic architecture for over five decades. Divided into themes of exible, regional, modular and solid, the book covers projects such as the flexible housing at Lisbjerg Bakke, the Arctic House in Greenland, and Senior cohousing at Diakonissestiftelsen.  

It is part of a series of publications also including Housing and Renovation and Transformation (both published by Arvinius + Orfeus in 2018) on the current projects of the studio that are representative of its work throughout the years. The intention with the series is to inspire others in the business architects, builders, advisors, students, and so on through a somewhat more in-depth introduction to some of Vandkunstens projects.  

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