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Le Corbusier´s Colour Keyboards, Architectural Colour Design and Colour Fan - SET

This Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier product set includes Le Corbusier´s colour keyboardsthe colour fan "Le Corbusier's Architectural Polychromy" and the book "Architectural Colour Design - Le Corbusier's Architectural Polychromy"
With this special offer, you receive the complete work on Le Corbusier's colours, the Architectural Polychromy, with a reference book and two practical colour design tools with which you can design numerous colour combinations.

Le Corbusier´s Colour Keyboards 
Le Corbusier's colour keyboards are a standard tool for architectural colour design. Le Corbusier organized the colours on 13 colour keyboards - "Les Claviers de couleurs" - so that one can isolate or combine three to five colours each with a slider, the so called "Glasses". On 44 pages the book presents 63 colours on a total of 13 colour keyboards and includes the "Glasses" on two separate slides. 
The colour keyboards were produced in high-quality 4-colour printing.

Le Corbusier´s Architectural Colour Design 
In this book, you will get background information about Le Corbusier, his buildings as well as the 63 architectural colours and colour keyboards.

Le Corbusier´s Colour Fan 
The exclusive colour fan with a description of the Architectural Polychromy contains all 63 colours on three rows each in a practical spiral ring binding and helps to find a skilled colour design. On the back of each colour card is the colour name as well as a description of the nuance. Produced in top-quality offset print.

All products are written parallel in English, German and French.

Le Corbusier´s Colour Keyboards, Architectural Colour Design and Colour Fan - SET
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Pris: 1925,00 kr.

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